14th September, 2014

Macbeth Final Cast List

*Producer’s Note: Thank you everyone who came to callbacks today! With all the talent we had to work with it was a hard decision, but we’ve got a cast list! Cast members please come to our first rehearsal in Bartlett 301 on Tuesday the 16th at 7 PM. We can’t wait to see you there!

We encourage anyone who was interested in A-Team to apply by the 17th! The applications can be found at umasstheatreguild.tumblr.com/a-team. Thank you again to everyone!

Macbeth: Dennis Kane

Macduff / Captain / 1st Apparition: Ashlyn Stromgren

Lady Macbeth: Christie Basinas

Lady Macduff / Witch #1: Gabby St. Pierre

Banquo / Seyton: James Guillette

Malcolm / Murderer #2: Matt Crawford

Duncan / Old Siward / Old Man / Murderer #3: Patrick Neal

Ross: Jack Duff

Lennox: Phillipe Janvier

Witch #2 / Servant / Young Siward: Hannah Finch

Gentlewoman / Fleance / Macduff’s Son / 2nd & 3rd Apparition: Hannah Deighan

Donalbain / Menteith / Doctor / Murderer #1 / Lord: Sevrin Willinder

Witch #3 / Messenger: Alanna Flynn

Hecate / Caithness: Emily Dodge

Angus / English Doctor / Porter: Garrett Schlundt

13th September, 2014

Macbeth Callbacks

*Producer’s Note: Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for our production of Macbeth! We were overwhelmed by the amount of talent we’ve seen, and are happy to present our callbacks. Please arrive 20 minutes before your callback time and feel free to bring your homework/snacks/sweaters for your comfort. (Definitely bring a sweater)

If you are interested in an A-Team position, please send your application in by Wednesday the 17th! Applications can be found at umasstheatreguild.tumblr.com/a-team


Andrea Angiolillo

Christie Basinas

Miranda Cashman

Jack Duff

Dennis Kane

Lady Macbeth:

Christie Basinas

Miranda Cashman

Gabby St. Pierre


Andrea Angiolillo

Matt Crawford

Ashlyn Stromgren


Miranda Cashman

Matt Crawford

Phillipe Janvier

Dennis Kane

Donalbain / Doctor:

Corey Shore

Frank Schuth

Jared Wise

Sevrin Willindor


Jack Duff

Patrick Neal

Garrett Schlundt

Jared Wise


Andrea Angiolillo

Dennis Kane

Gabby St. Pierre

Ashlyn Stromgren


Matt Crawford

James Guillette

Dennis Kane

Garrett Schlundt


Jack Duff

James Gillette

Garrett Schlundt

Jared Weiss

Lady Macduff / Witch #1:

Hannah Finch

Gabby St. Pierre

Ashlyn Stromgren

Gentlewoman / Witch #2:

Hannah Deighan

Ashlyn Stromgren

Hannah Youssef

Witch #3:

Emily Dodge

Alanna Flynn

Arielle Vishny

Macduff’s Son:

Hannah Finch

Hannah Deighan

Sevrin Willindor

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Macbeth / Macduff

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Lady Macduff / Macduff’s Son / Ross

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Macduff / Malcolm

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM: Macbeth / Lady Macbeth

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Malcolm / Donalbain / Macduff / Macbeth / Lady Macbeth / Lennox

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Lady Macbeth / Doctor / Gentlewoman

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Duncan / Banquo / Lady Macbeth

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM: Banquo / Macbeth / Witches



9th September, 2014

Anonymous asks:

is it too late to apply for a-team?

Nope, not at all! We’re still hiring almost everything (However, I believe Daryl is no longer taking Stage Manager applications for Into the Woods due to the large number of applicants). We’re especially looking for applicants with set design/carpentry experience and need to hire those positions within the next week. 

If you have applied for a position already and have yet to hear from our Producers, please be patient. We’ve had a large influx of applications and our Producers are busy students! They will be able to respond soon.

-Joy, UMTG Chair

9th September, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Is the cabin trip more for upper classmen/ would it be awkward for a newbie to go?

We would really love for members of all ages and experience to join us! We’re envisioning this as a Guild bonding trip, and I think this would be a great opportunity for a newbie to become close with other members. I’m glad you’re interested and hope you make it!

-Joy, UMTG Chair

9th September, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Hi!! I saw the form for the cabin trip in the Facebook group but couldn't click on it because its "unavailable", is the trip full?

Hmmm that’s strange! The trip is not full as far as I know now, and I’m not sure why the Facebook page isn’t working. Could you try the link again and see if it works now? I’ll let our Secretary know you had a problem accessing it!

-Joy, UMTG Chair

9th September, 2014

Anonymous asks:

who is needed at rehersal tomorrow

Currently, everyone is called for Into the Woods to do a read through tonight. The Director and Producer will be making a schedule soon and will let you know other times you should be there. If you have any conflicts, please let them know!

-Joy, UMTG Chair

7th September, 2014

motorboatingmotherteresa asks:

Hi! I'm Becca Regan. I'm a freshman who auditioned last night at 7pm. On my application, I put down that I would not be interested in Stage Crew or backstage work of any kind, but after experiencing your really cool community, I'd love to work with you in any way possible! If you need any help, my email is rlregan@umass

Hey there Becca! We are so happy that you are interested in joining our a-team! Here is a link where you can find the application :)


Once you complete it, please email your app to umtheatreguild@gmail.com

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!!

7th September, 2014

Anonymous asks:

If we sent in our A Team app three days ago and haven't heard back does that mean the position is filled?

Nope! Please continue to check your email. We apologize for the delay; due to the large influx of a-team applications, as well auditions this past weekend, we have not been able to schedule an interview for everyone that has applied. We WILL be scheduling more interviews within the next couple weeks. 

Thank you for you interest and we will get back to you soon!

7th September, 2014

Final Casting

Thank you to all who came out and auditioned! Casting was very difficult because of the amount of interest in the show and because of the vast amount of talent displayed in the past two days. We encourage all who were not cast to apply to a-team; a link to the applications can be found on our home page. Thank you again!

Baker: Will Healy

Baker’s Wife: Mary Margaret Hogan

Jack: Craig Simonetti

Jack’s Mother: Cait Leonard

Cinderella: Emily Lambert

Florinda: Gwen Kolb

Lucinda: Maura Kolhonen

Step Mother: Tamar Gelber

Rapunzel: Emily Hamel

Witch: Molly Meehan

Rapunzel’s Prince: Bobby Hawes

Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf: Jake Prescott

Little Red: Caroline Phinney

Little Red’s Granny: Mallory Kassoy

Mysterious Man: Ethan Doiron-LaRue

Narrator: Patrick Murphy

Steward: Kris DiStasio

Cinderella’s Mother: Jessica Picard

Snow White/Giant’s Wife: Siobhan Noonan

Rehearsal will begin tomorrow (Monday the 8th) at 6:30PM in Bartlett, 2nd floor Room# 206

7th September, 2014

Into the Woods: Callbacks

Producer’s Note:
Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We had very many people come out, and we are so happy that so many people were interested in our production of Into the Woods. Below is our callback list. Please note that we did not ask for callbacks for smaller roles - this means NOT HAVING A CALLBACK DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL NOT BE CAST! Dancers: you will be contacted regarding a dance-callback, the date of which is to be determined. Please, check back on the tumblr to see the final cast list. Our first rehearsal will be Monday night. If you are not cast we encourage you to apply for A-team. Once again, thank you all! 

Bobby Hawes
Will Healy
Evyn Newton
Jacob Prescott

Baker’s Wife
Tori Clough
Mary Margaret Hogan
Siobhan Noonan
Molly Meehan

Emily Lambert
Mary Margaret Hogan
Molly Meehan

Little Red
Angel Fenton
Caroline Phinney
Mickey Jones
Emily Hamel

Kris Distasio
Evyn Newton
Craig Simonetti

Alison Kerr
Emily Lambert
Siobhan Noonan
Jessica Picard

Kris Distasio
Bobby Hawes
Troy Kowalchuk
Anderson Lara
Jacob Prescott


Angela Fenton
Alex Graham 
Alison Kerr
Gwen Kolb
Maura Kolhonen

Jack’s Mom
Emily Chaisson
Tamar Gelber
Cait Leonard
Marina Oleson

Mysterious Man
Zach Colten

Kris Distasio
Patrick Murphy

—Other Ensemble—
Ethan Doirou-LaRue
Matthew Gagnon
Mallory Kassoy

—Dance Ensemble—
Holly Armstrong
Brianna Bernard
Renee Boublin
Ashleigh Carter
Hannah Deighan
Matthew Hlady
Linnea Soderberg
Jordan Vetstein
Eden Wood

*Please show up 15 minutes before your callback time at Bartlett 65; we will be starting exactly on time*

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Narrator / Mysterious Man / Other Ensemble
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Rapunzel / Jack’s Mom
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Jack & Jack’s Mom
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Baker
1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Baker’s Wife
2:15 PM - 2:30 PM Baker & Wife
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Witch
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM Little Red
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM Prince / Wolf
4:45 PM - 5:30 PM Cinderella

Thank you all again for auditioning - we hope you had as great of a time as we had!


5th September, 2014


Thanks to everyone who came out to our first meeting last night! It was SO EXCITING seeing so many new faces!

Remember that auditions for Into the Woods begin TONIGHT at 7pm. Show up a little early so you have time to fill out an audition form! Otherwise no materials or preparation are necessary. 

7pm in Bartlett 65, which is in the basement of Bartlett Hall by the Honors College. BE THERE. (Or come either tomorrow at 12pm or 7pm!)

Callbacks will be posted here Saturday night. Stay tuned. 

3rd September, 2014


HELLO PRETTY HUMANS. Thank you so, so much to everyone who has helped us table the past few days and to everyone who expressed interest at the Activities Expo yesterday! Here’s some info for you all:


FIRST MEETING TOMORROW. 6pm, Campus Center room 904-08 (it’s on the 9th floor—take the elevators across from the Information desk!). More info here!

AUDITIONS FOR MUSICAL, AUDITIONS FOR PLAYThis weekend only for Into the Woods, and the following weekend for Macbeth! We have audition times Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 12pm and 7pm, with callbacks on Sunday. Absolutely no preparation necessary, and no experience required! Just bring your lovely self to one of our audition times at Bartlett 65 (it’s the large lecture hall in Bartlett, which is right next to the Honors College). Our directors will give you materials for your audition. We see people on a first-come, first-serve basis, so come early to check in if you want to be seen sooner than later!

• TECH OPPORTUNITIES. Learn more about our Artistic Team and how to apply here! We have SO MANY opportunities if acting isn’t your thing, or if you unfortunately are not cast in a show but are still kind enough to want to help out and hang out with us. It is also possible for you to be in a show and still help out with a tech position! Or do multiple tech positions, on multiple shows! Wow, the possibilities are endless.

Fill out the app with your interests, email it to us, and one of our Producers will be in touch to set up an interview time. We’ll be hiring most positions within the next week or two, so APPLY APPLY APPLY. We also offer assistant positions for most roles if you’re newer to a position and want to learn from a more experienced person, or if you have a little less time to commit to the Guild this semester but still want to help out. THE FEW. THE PROUD. THE A-TEAM. Join us.

Questions? Feel free to ask us or send an email to: umtheatreguild@gmail.com


Joy, UMASS Theatre Guild Chair, Caffeine Queen Extraordinaire

31st August, 2014

Anonymous asks:

I'm interested in auditioning but I'm worried about conflicts with the rehearsal schedule. Is there any way to find that in advance? Or is it not decided yet? Thanks

Hi, there! On your audition form, we request you list your evening conflicts so we get a sense of your availability. We do take availability into casting—doesn’t mean you won’t be cast. Depending on the show, there may be a part that requires your presence less often at rehearsal that we believe would fit your schedule.

Although the Guid generally rehearses Sunday-Thursday from 6:30-9:30, the actual schedule is determined each week by the Directors and Stage Managers. They take the cast’s conflicts into account and try their best to work around them. We’re all students who have experienced the burdens of late classes and work schedules—we’re not going to punish you for not being perfectly free every night of the week! However, taking part in one of our shows is a pretty large time commitment.

If you’re worried about your particular schedule and want to talk more about it, feel free to send us an email with your questions!

-Joy, UMTG Chair

29th August, 2014

i-fear-no-colors13 asks:

Hi! If I wanted to get involved with the set crew for the design/construction of the set and then want to work as stage crew for the run of the show (have 3yrs experience doing both but not leading either), do I still have to fill out an application? Or do I just talk to someone?

Hi, there! So glad you’re interested :) Every Artistic Team member has to apply for a position and be interviewed by the Producer and Director of the show (sounds scarier than it actually is!). We like interviewing and hiring members because it helps us know who’s in charge of what and whom to hold accountable. If you go on the Artistic Team page on our Tumblr (I’m on my phone so unfortunately I can’t link it here), you’ll find a list of all the positions we offer with a brief description, as well as the application which you can fill out and email to us. We actually don’t have specific run crew positions, but if you’re on A-Team we expect you to be present and helping out during the runs of the show, and I’m sure we’d value your experience!

Also make sure to check the New Guildie FAQ on the About Us tab of our page to learn a little more about how the Guild works and what our members’ responsibilities are.

Hope to hear from you soon! :)
-Joy, UMTG Chair

29th August, 2014

gotydartyfapprs asks:

How does the audition process work? Do I need to prepare a monologue or a song?

Nope, not at all! Just show up at one of our three audition times on Friday or Saturday. Our directors will provide audition sides and explain the context, then you’ll have some time to practice before being called in the audition room. If you audition for the musical, the music director will additionally teach the group an excerpt from a song from the show, which you will also have time to practice before your audition.

Make sure to check the New Guildie FAQ if you have other questions! It’s under the “About Us” tab on our blog page.

-Joy, UMTG Chair